06-09-2017 / 28-10-2017

Dmitry Gretsky solo exhibition "Living Space" at "Ekaterina" cultural foundation

Foundation oprns this season with new project of Dmitry Gretsky and Evgenia Katz called "Living Space".
"Living space" project unites painting, installation, sound and video. It represents a new reality, which reflects the subjective persaption of time and personal borders.

Персональная выставка Дмитрия Грецкого "Living Space" в фонде культуры "Екатерина".

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10-05-2017 / 05-09-2017

Tanya Akhmetgalieva in a parallel program of Venice Biennial

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts debuts at the Venice Biennale with the exhibition “Man as Bird. Images of Journeys” organized in the framework of the parallel program. The show explores the interaction of discoveries in optics and art – domains that are always connected with their ambition to cognize the world and to determine the place of man in it. At all times, the man has been trying to push the limits of the visible and find new angles of view by carrying out expeditions to distant places or improving the very means of seeing. This historical way can be compared to the inner transformation the man experiences throughout life.

Таня Ахметгалиева в параллельной программе 57-ой Венецианской Биеннале.

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07-07-2017 / 27-08-2017

Vladimir Kustov, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov at Kiberfest in Graund Hodinka

KIBERFEST starts to widen its territory - New Yourk (USA), Bogota (Columbia), Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg (Russia).

Владимир Кустов, Елена Губанова, Иван Говрков на Киберфесте в Граунд Ходынка

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12-05-2017 / 28-07-2017

Boris Kazakov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Ntatlia Lyakh, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai at the parallel program of the 57-th Venice Biennial

Exhibition Curators: Silvia Burini, Giuseppe Barbieri, Anna Frants, Elena Gubanova.
Lucia Veronesi (IT), Alvise Bittente (IT), Valentina Povarova (RU), Irina Nakhova (RU+USA), William Latham (UK), Alexandra Dementieva (Belg), Peter Patchen (USA), German Vinogradov (RU), Alexander Terebenin (RU), Alexei Kostroma (DE), Vitaly Pushnitsky (RU), Ludmila Belova (RU), Ivan Govorkov (RU), Elena Gubanova (RU), Carla Gannis (USA), Anna Frants (RU+USA), Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai (RU), Natalia Lyakh (FR), Boris Kazakov (RU).

Борис Казаков, Виталий Пушницкий, Елена Губанова, Иван Говорков, Александр Шишкин-Хокусай в параллельной программе 57- ой Венецианской Биеннале

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08-06-2017 / 30-06-2017

"Hurrah...Sculpture!" (Ivan Gorshkov, Kirill Chelushkin)

Winzavod centre of Contemporary art celebrates it's 10-th Aniversary and comes to Saint Petersburg for the first time. They will show two big projects at the same time - "Best Photographs of Russia - 2016" and "Hurrah...Sculpture!"

"Ура...Скульптура!" (Иван Горшков, Кирилл Челушкин)

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09-06-2017 / 18-06-2017

Ivan Gorshkov at the Festival “Imperial Gardens of Russia” in Mikhailovsky Garden

The Imperial Gardens of Russia, the international festival of garden and park art, is an annual large-scale event held by the Russian Museum that takes place on its grounds, in the Mikhailovsky Garden.
Marina Gisich Gallery will be represented by Ivan Gosrshkov outsdie sculpture.

Парковая скульптура Ивана Горшкова на Фестивале Императорские Сады России 2017 в Михайловском Саду

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06-04-2017 / 29-05-2017

Work of Vitaly Pushnitsy at "The Structures" exhibition in Marble Palace

The project that includes art pieces from 1960s to present time is aimed to investigate the concept of the structure (from Latin structura ‎- a fitting together, adjustment, building). Seen as characteristics of the form it acquires pure philosophical meaning. The large-scale and profound “discussion on formalism” will be carried out in the exhibition spaces of the Marble palace.

Виталий Пушницкий на выставке "Структуры" в Мраморном Дворце

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10-03-2017 / 14-05-2017

MARINA GISICh gallery artists at first moscow triennale

For the inaugural Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, over 60 artists living in more than 40 cities — from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean — reveal the scope of art practice in the country today. Among this artists are Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai and Vladimir Seleznev.

Художники MARINA GISICH GALLERY на первой Московской Триеннале в Гараже

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28-03-2017 / 14-05-2017

Exhibition of Valeria Nibiru "Param-para" in the art space 0+

"Param-para" unites graphic worka and object by Valeria Nibiru, drawings of her son Geb and some works made by them together. This is the first joint show of artist with her son.

Выставка Валерии Нибиру "Парам-пара" в Пространстве 0+

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27-04-2017 / 27-04-2017

Kurekhin Prize for best visual work of art was given to Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai

Nomenie's exhibition will take place from 25-th of April till 20-th of May. You may also see works of Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov from "Time keeping" project there.

Александр Шишкин-Хокусай получил премию Курехина за лучшее визуальное произведение

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29-03-2017 / 23-04-2017

Exhibition "China-Russia". Part of the project "Three poles of multipolar World. China. Russia. USA"

Exhibition "China-Russia" is the first part of big project of Contemporary Art Museum named after Dyagilev, Saint Petersburg, State University. At the show will be works of artists from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Perm, among them are Alexander Vilkin, Vika Begalska, Semen Motolyanetc.

Выставка "Китай-Россия". В рамках проекта "Три полюса многополярного мира. Китай. Россия. США"

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23-02-2017 / 12-03-2017

Present Worth Buying

What is the best present for ambitious person? For Marina Gisich Gallery the answer is obvious - contemporary art!

Подарок со смыслом

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04-02-2017 / 03-03-2017


Solo show by Vitaly Pushnitsky TRIBUTE, organized together with Marina Gisich Gallery, opens at art school Masters. All of these new works are united by the theme of tribute and homage.


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25-01-2017 / 07-02-2017


The 10th annual CYFEST will be held in St. Petersburg from January 25 to February 7, 2017.
The CYFEST 10 program will include an exhibition of new media, sound, and digital art in addition to video screenings, and an educational program of lectures, workshops and master classes.
Among gallery artists: Marina Alexeeva, Alexander Shishkin, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Elena Gubanova, Ivan Govorkov.


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04-11-2016 / 27-11-2016

Hyperspace and Anteater

Solo show by Ivan Gorshkov was opened in Voronezh Contemporary Art Center. This exhibition is closely connected with famous russian fable "Dragonfly and ant".

Гиперпрыжок и Муравьед

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18-11-2016 / 18-11-2016

Public talk of Vitaly Pushnitsky and Aleksey Boiko

Vitaly Pushnitsky and Aleksey Boiko will discuss such phenmen as apropriation method in contemporary art. Pushnitsky "Point" series will be one of the main themes of the talk.

Открытая встреча Виталия Пушницого и Алексея Бойко

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07-10-2016 / 01-11-2016

Charity auction at Marina Gisich Gallery

Dear friends! We are glad to announce, that on 14th of October the gallery will host the charity auction. The received funds will be used to publish a book about the PARAZIT ART GROUP.

On 7th of October, at 19:00, we will open the pre-auction exhibition which one may visit during a week, until 13th of October. The opening reception will take place in the gallery by address: 121 Fontanka embankment.

Благотворительный аукцион в Marina Gisich Gallery

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04-09-2016 / 31-10-2016

Kromkhel's journey to the seventh sky

Exhibition of LERA NIBIRU in The Freud Museum of Dreams, St. Petersburg.

Путешествие Кромхеля на седьмое небо

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30-09-2016 / 30-10-2016


The exhibition is dedicated to the topic every professional artist would be familiar with – that of anatomical drawing. Drawing human anatomy, i.e.  bone and muscle systems of the human body is the basis for academic drawing and an essential part of artists’ training. The exhibition displays anatomical drawings made by students and professors of the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts starting from the 19th century to the present day, as well as original works based on the anatomical drawing principles.

Artists of the gallery: SERGEY DENISOV, VLADIMIR KUSTOV.

Place: Museum of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts, St.Petersburg.


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08-10-2016 / 29-10-2016


Exhibition by NADJA KUZNETSOVA at INCANTATIONS art gallery, Genoa.


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08-09-2016 / 11-10-2016




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26-05-2016 / 30-09-2016

House of Impressions. Classic and Contemporary Media Art

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts presents the first project of its newly established Department of Film and Media Arts. The exhibition «House of Impressions. Classic and Contemporary Media Art» in the Museum Quarter of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts represents a collection of 19 artworks of outstanding video and media artists of the 20th and 21st century. Among them you will have an opportunity to see the work of TANYA AKHMETGALIEVA.

Дом впечатлений. Классика и современность медиаискусства

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15-09-2016 / 28-09-2016

"Venevia" by Ivan Gorshkov at W St. Petersburg

Dear friends, we'll be glad to see you at the exhibition by Ivan Gorshkov "Venevia" at W St Petersburg!

Temporary exposition opens at 7PM — Sept 15, 2016 and followed by a 60 min lecture "Sculpture in the ages of plastic and distracted" by Ivan Chechot, organized by the Art School Masters.

Place: Living Room of W St. Petersburg, Voznesensky Prospect, St. Petersburg.

"Веневия" Ивана Горшкова в W St. Petersburg

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23-09-2016 / 25-09-2016

Observation tower

Installation and performance by ALEXANDER MOROZOV at the Vth International public art festival Art Prospect in Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House, St.Petersburg.

Вышка для наблюдений

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01-09-2016 / 01-09-2016

Off white

Dear friends! We are happy to share the news that the artwork by Kerim Ragimov will be presented at the Off white charity auction in benefit of the Naked Heart Foundation, supported by Christie’s. The auction will take place on September 1, 2016 as a part of parallel program of international contemporary art fair COSMOSCOW.

Off white

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31-08-2016 / 31-08-2016

Top Galleries of 2016: Europe

Marina Gisich Gallery entered the list of 500 best galleries in Europe according to the news portal on culture and art BLOUIN ARTINFO.

Лучшие галереи Европы 2016

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29-06-2016 / 22-08-2016

My own self. Self-portrait in the Russian museum

The largest exhibition so far dedicated to the genre of self-portrait is opening in the Russian museum on 29 June. 
Self-portrait stands out like a mirror which reflects not only the personality of the author, but his perception of the artist’s role, the significance of art and its place in the life of contemporaries.

Artist of the gallery: IVAN GOVORKOV.

Моё я. Автопортрет в собрании Русского музея

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03-08-2016 / 14-08-2016

Holiday schedule

Dear colleagues and friends! We kindly inform you that the gallery is on summer schedule until August 14th. Due to the holidays, the exhibition by Cyril Chelushkin "A Happy Man" can be visited on weekdays from 11.00 to 17.00. Please, call us before coming by phone number +7(812)314-43-80.

We wish you a good summer vacation!

Летнее расписание

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01-07-2016 / 10-08-2016

Deep Inside

TIM PARSHIKOV, ANNA AND ALEKSEY GAN as a participants of the main project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

Place: Trekhgornaya Manufaktura, Moscow.

Глубоко внутри

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04-05-2016 / 03-08-2016


Drawing. No Limits is intended to acquaint the non-Russian with the major directions presently developing in contemporary Russian art: from three-dimensional installations to textual works, from architectural forms to graphic novels. The exhibition has already been shown in Berlin at the Russian House of Science and Culture (Russisches Haus der Wissenschaft und Kultur). The core of the exhibition is drawing, with the pieces crossing different disciplines, although still strongly related to drawing.

Russian Contemporary: Drawing. No Limits brings together 22 contemporary Russian artists of different generations, both established and mid-career. Authors of the gallery: Tatiana Akhmetgalieva, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kirill Chelushkin, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai.

"RUSSIAN CONTEMPORARY: DRAWING. NO LIMITS" в Центре русской культуры «Пушкинский Дом» (Pushkin House), Лондон

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15-06-2016 / 31-07-2016

The 9th CYBERFEST. WISH YOU WERE HERE. Multimedia installations

After Berlin, Bogota, New York, London, and St. Petersburg, the 9th CYFEST finally comes to Moscow with its dedicated exhibit opening June 15, 2016 at the GROUND Moscow.

This time CYLAND MediaArtLab will present ‘Wish You Were Here’, multimedia installations by Alexander Terebenin and ALEXANDER SHISHKIN-HOKUSAI, and ‘Subjectivization of Sound’, a performance/installation project by Alexey Grachev and Sergey Komarov.

Киберфест 9. ВАМ БЫ СЮДА. Мультимедийная мистерия

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29-06-2016 / 31-07-2016

In the glorious city of Voronezh

The exhibition "In the glorious city of Voronezh" is a special project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

Artist of the gallery - IVAN GORSHKOV.


В славном городе Воронеже

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27-06-2016 / 17-07-2016

Russian contemporary artists — participants of Venice Biennale. Favourites

After  several years of total renovation St. Petersburg Manege Central Exhibition Hall was opened with new exhibition of Russian artists participants of Venician biennale during last 25 years.

Authors of the gallery: Vitaly Pushnitsky, Peter Belyi and Kirill Chelushkin.

Современные русские художники — участники Венецианской биеннале. Избранное

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01-06-2016 / 03-07-2016

"PICTURE AFTER PAINTING" in the Art Gallery of Zurab Tsereteli.

Authors of the gallery: Marina Alexeeva, Anna and Aleksey Gan, Ivan Govorkov, Elena Gubanova, GregoriI Maiofis, Semyon Motolyanets, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kerim Ragimov, Vladimir Kustov.

Картина после живописи. Выставка современной петербургской живописи в залах Галереи искусств Зураба Церетели.

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18-05-2016 / 19-06-2016

Group exhibition "FOOTBALL — HOCKEY"

You will have an opportunity to see the work of TANYA AKHMETGALIEVA.

Where: WINZAVOD, Moscow


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02-06-2016 / 14-06-2016


Exhibition by Nadia Zubareva at W St. Petersburg.


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17-03-2016 / 10-06-2016

"СONTEMPORARY DRAWING" at the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM)

The general aim of the exhibition is to present the specifics of functioning of drawing in contemporary Russian art. The basic section on the show brings together the works of the 1990-2000's but also there are presented the earlier materials connected mostly with conceptualism of Soviet time. The exposition presents the different ways of actualization of art of drawing and its technique side.

Authors of the gallery: Vitaliy Pushnitsky, Ivan Govorkov, Elena Gubanova, Gregori Maiofis, Kirill Chelushkin, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai.

"АКТУАЛЬНЫЙ  РИСУНОК" в Музее современного искусства PERMM

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18-05-2016 / 05-06-2016

Do not tell anyone!

The exhibition of contemporary art, created for children, is open to visitors of all ages in the creative space "0+".

In the project take part gallery artists Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Semyon Motolyanets and Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai.

Только никому не говори!

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25-05-2016 / 25-05-2016

Марина Гисич: вызов искусства

Интервью с Мариной Гисич в журнале "Твоя история".

Марина Гисич: вызов искусства

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21-05-2016 / 21-05-2016

Mystery of the First

SEMYON MOTOLYANETS in the performance in the garden of Museum of Petersburg Avant-garde (Matyushin's House), during "2016 Museum Night" in St. Petersburg.

Мистерия первых

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12-05-2016 / 12-05-2016

Mirage oborzhaki

The exhibition of Ivan Gorshkov in the Modern Arts Fund of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin, Moscow.

Мираж оборжаки

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27-04-2016 / 07-05-2016

Art group «PARAZIT». Painting, drawing, installation, video art.

The exhibition in the Borey Art Center includes works by Kerim Ragimov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai and Semyon Motolyanets.

Объединение PARAZIT. "УДЕЛ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКИЙ": живопись, графика, инсталляция, видео-арт.

17-04-2016 / 17-04-2016

Congratulations to Tanya Akhmetgalieva!

На сцене БДТ вручили VII премию имени Сергея Курехина в области современного искусства.

Петербургской художнице за выставку «Хрупкий остров» подарили трехмесячную стажировку в Париже — специальный приз от Французского института.

Поздравляем Таню Ахметгалиеву!

17-03-2016 / 17-03-2016


9 days ago died Bogomolov Gleb Sergeyevich (1933 - 2016 ) .

Gleb Serveevich buried at the Smolensk Cemetery in St. Petersburg on 11th March.

We grieve, love and remember .


02-03-2016 / 06-03-2016

Volta New York

Dear visitor, the gallery team from 29th February till 12 March will be out of the gallery. In case you are planing to visit solo exhibition "Waiting" by Vitaly Pushnitsky, please, call gallery before: 314 43 80.

VOLTA NY is the invitational fair of solo artist projects and is the American incarnation of the original Basel VOLTA show, which was founded in 2005 by three art dealers as a fair "by galleries, for galleries".
In March 2016, VOLTA NY returns to PIER 90 in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen, New York City, adjacent to The Armory Show, the longtime anchor of Armory Arts Week on Piers 94 and 92. The Armory Show and VOLTA NY are affiliate fairs that provide complementary visions of the international contemporary art world. Both fairs share mutually acknowledged VIP access.

Volta New York

30-12-2015 / 18-02-2016

Holidays working hours

Dear colleagues and friends! We kindly inform you that: December 31th - January 3th and January 7th-10th - we are out of office. January 4th-6th - we would be happy to welcome you, as usual, from 11.00 to 19.00. Wish you a good Christmas vacation and a Happy New Year!

Режим работы в праздничные дни

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15-12-2015 / 15-02-2016


Very soon we'll be glad to share with you the slight time border.
"Provenance" - is the exhibition by the artists whom we work with for last 15 years. Provenance - is something experts evaluate and collectors are carefully studying.
This is history. We are unbelievabaly happy that you stay with us all these years.
Let's celebrate!


11-11-2015 / 30-01-2016


The new exhibition in the Benois wing is aimed at presenting the various ways of development of the realistic tradition in works of contemporary Russian artists whose style rests on the border of academism, photorealism and other variations of this trend of the last decades of the XXth and beginning of the XXIth century. Authors of the gallery V. Pushnitsky, K. Ragimov, M. Alexeeva, A. Morozov, D. Gretsky.


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10-09-2015 / 13-09-2015

COSMOSCOW. Contemporary art fair in Moscow

This year Marina Gisich Gallery will show new works of Kerm Ragimov and Ivan Gorshkov on booth C4.

COSMOSCOW. Ярмарка современного искусства в Москве.

02-06-2015 / 01-09-2015

Tim Parshikov in Moscow Museum of Modern Art

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition of a young Moscow artist Tim Parchikov Features of Intuition, which brings together several of his projects: Foundation Pit, Suspense, Impossible Puzzle, Iceland. Runes, Shooting Room, Moscow Negatives, and Burning News. His art incorporating photography, video and neon – a medium novel for the author – explores historical, social and metaphysical context of the today’s world.

Тим Парщиков в ММСИ

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14-05-2015 / 30-08-2015

Gluklya is a part of the officail program of Venice Bienniel

Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya - Russia), one of the artists selected to participate in the exhibition, All The World's Futures - Biennale Arte 2015. Exhibited at the Arsenale Corderie. The title of the work is "Clothes for the demonstration against false elections of V. Putin" (2011-2015).

Глюкля в основном проекте Венецианской Биеннале

07-05-2015 / 05-07-2015

"On my way" - parallel program of venice biennial

Marina Gisich gallery is pleased to announce that works by Vitaly Pushnitsky, Peter Belyi, Ivam Govorkov, Elena Gubanova and Alexander Shishkin - Hokusai will be shown in a group exhibition "On my way" during 56-th edition of Venice Biennial at Cultural Flow Zone, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice.

Параллельная программа Венецианской биеннале "On my way"

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25-03-2015 / 25-05-2015

The new story-tellers in rusian art of the XX-XXI centuries in the State Russian Museum.

The exhibition is devoted to the characteristics of the story or the narrative in the oeuvre of Russian contemporary artists. Among them you will have an opportunity to see two works of Marina Alexeeva "Train" and "Medical actions".

Новые рассказчики в русском искусстве XX-XXI вв в Государственном Русском Музее.

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21-04-2015 / 21-04-2015

Innovation 2014. Peter Belyi and Alexander Terebenin won the first prize for “Curatorial Project” - exhibition “Signal”

Marina Gisich gallery is happy to cogratulate Peter Belyi and Alexandeer Terebenin with winning the first frize at INNIVATION for their curatorial site speсifiс project "Signal". It integrated the work of more than fifty artists into the structure of a defunct design bureau. 1000 square meters of post-Soviet space were turned into an encyclopedia of contemporary St Petersburg art. Other gallery artists also took part in the project, among them: Sergey Denisov, Peter Belyi, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Iavn Govorkov, Elena Gubanova, Marina Alexeeva, Boris Kazakov, Semen Motolyanetc etc.

ИННОВАЦИЯ 2014. Петр Белый и Александр Теребенин получили первую премию "Лучший кураторский проект" за выставку "Сигнал"

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20-04-2015 / 20-04-2015

T. Akhmetgalieva is the winner of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, as "The Best Visual Art Project".

We are glad to announce, that the project by Tatyana Akhmetgalieva "Allergy to dust", (which was at the display at the gallery in September 2014), is the yesterday winner of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award, as "The Best Visual Art Project".

The awarding ceremony was held yesterday in St. Petersburg at Kuryokhin Center (the former cinema theatre "Priboy"). We are also pleased to note, that this year's ceremony special multimedia performance was made by the artists Marina Alexeeva and Boris Kazakov, together with the ceremony director Katya Bochavar.

Т. Ахметгалиева победитель Премии Сергея КУРЕХИНА в номинации: "Лучшее произведение визуального искусства"

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09-04-2015 / 09-04-2015

Opening of Space Four Concept Store

Coming soon

Открытие Space Four Concept Store

17-01-2015 / 04-02-2015

Gregory Maiofis. A Taste for Russian Ballet

Marina Gisich Gallery is pleased to announce Gregory Maiofis exhibition at Peter Fetterman Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition is the first for the artist at the gallery and includes a curated selection of large-scale Bromoil prints from the series Proverbs and the debut of several new works.

Грегорий Майофис. Вкус к Русскому Балету

15-10-2014 / 15-10-2014

Exhibition "Allergy to dust" by Tanya Akhmetgalieva is closed to public view

Dear friends,
The exhibition "Allergy to dust" by Tanya Akhmetgalieva is unfortunately closed now for the public view because of the number of technical reasons.

Выставка Тани Ахметгалиевой "Аллергия на пыль" закрыта по техническим причинам

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13-06-2014 / 30-09-2014


Paardenmarkt 68, Antwerp, Belgium


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30-05-2014 / 31-08-2014


Retrospective show by Kerim Ragimov in terms of the Manifesta 10 parallel program


13-06-2014 / 17-08-2014


Marina Gisich Gallery project with support of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art


24-04-2014 / 25-05-2014


Art-group PARAZIT in the Marina Gisich Gallery


19-03-2014 / 12-05-2014


in the Russian Museums' Project


27-11-2013 / 17-03-2014


in the Russian Museums' Project
Dinner is served. The Russian Museum culinary companion.


23-01-2014 / 19-02-2014


Dmitry Gretskys' project in Marina Gisich Gallery


25-10-2013 / 16-02-2014


Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen project

Meeting Points


04-12-2013 / 20-01-2014


Marina Gisich Gallery presents Peter Belyis' project "Channel"


05-09-2013 / 20-11-2013

Postponed matters

Marina Gisich Gallery is glad to present Vitaliy Pushnitsky’s project Postponed Matters.

Отложенные дела

07-11-2013 / 10-11-2013

Istanbul Contemporary

Marina Gisich Gallery is glad to invite you to Istanbul! We wil be glad to see you at our booth IKM 202!

Istanbul Contemporary

10-10-2013 / 13-10-2013

Art Vienna Fair

Marina Gisich Gallery is glad to invite you to Vienna! We wil be glad to see you at our booth H 18

Ярмарка Современного Искусства ViennaFair

10-10-2013 / 13-10-2013

Marina Alexeeva lightbox "The Dream"

We are glad to announce, Marina Alexeeva's lightbox "The Dream" was purchased and presented in the private collection of the Austrian President, mister Heinz Fischer.

Лайтбокс Марины Алексеевой "Сон"

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25-07-2013 / 01-10-2013

Valeria Nibiru "CORPUS"

Marina Gisich Gallery

Валерия Нибиру "CORPUS"

23-05-2013 / 15-09-2013

Gregory Maiofis

in the Ural Vision Gallery project


Григорий Майофис

18-07-2013 / 08-09-2013

Gregory Maiofis «Bestiary»

Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and Marina Gisich Gallery present the exhibition by Gregory Maiofis – “Bestiary”.

Григорий Майофис "Бестиарий"

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29-06-2013 / 30-07-2013

Vladimir Seleznev

in the Association of the Contemporary Art Institutions and
“New Holland” project

“Night of the contemporary art”

Владимир Селезнев

13-06-2013 / 20-07-2013

Yael Balaban
Noa Ekutieli

in the Marina Gisich Gallery project
in the partnership with the Consulate General of Israel in St. Petersburg
in the context of the Tel Aviv Culture Days in St. Petersburg

Яэль Балабан  <br/>  Ноа Екутиэль

27-05-2013 / 10-07-2013

Elena Gubanova
Ivan Govorkov
Vitaliy Pushnizkiy
Peter Beliy

in the Ca Foscari University (Venice), CSAR – Russian culture studies center, Media Art Lab project

in the context of the 55th Venice Biennale parallel program

Елена Губанова  <br/> Иван Говорков <br/> Виталий Пушницкий <br/> Петр Белый

01-06-2013 / 30-06-2013

Kirill Chelushkin

in the contemporary art museum PERMM project
in the context of the “White nights in Perm” festival

Russian abroad

Кирилл Челушкин

15-04-2013 / 30-05-2013


in the main project of

The Biennial of the South in Panama 2013


26-04-2013 / 26-05-2013

Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai
Kerim Ragimov

in the project of “Culture Alliance. Marat Guelman Project”


Аександр Шишкин-Хокусай<br/>Керим Рагимов

29-03-2013 / 24-05-2013

Vitaly Pushnitsky

In the group project of the Galerie Rudolfinum (Prague)


Виталий Пушницкий

06-05-2013 / 13-05-2013

Changing in the working hours

Sorry, the gallery would be closed during the following dates.

Изменения в расписании работы галереи

17-03-2013 / 29-04-2013

Marina Alexeeva

в проекте Государственной Галереи на Солянке

Небольшая Ретроспектива

Марина Алексеева

06-04-2013 / 28-04-2013

Valeria Nibiru

The project of
Les salaisons art contemporain

The salon of the erotic drawing

Валерия Нибиру

28-03-2013 / 01-04-2013


Marina Gisich Gallery, together with Ural Vision Gallery, are glad to present in Paris works of leading St.Petersburg artists: Kerim Ragimov, Vladimir Kustov, Vitaliy Pushnitskiy, Marina Alexeeva and young talents Anna and Alexey Gan, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai.