Brave Wooden World

10-11-2017 / 20-01-2018

"Brave Wooden World," a retrospective of Dmitry Tsykalov's work, opens on 10 November at Marina Gisich Gallery. The project is named after Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel, "Brave New World".

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О Дивный Деревянный Мир


15-09-2017 / 01-11-2017

Art is like a bird trying to escape from its cage, wanting to free itself from the restrictions of institutions and open up. Its rejection of the sterile comfort of museums changes the form of the works themselves, creating new qualitative aspects. This "going out into the world" establishes new rules for how the artist interacts with natural phenomenons. The tradition of mimesis fades into the background, and nature appears in the foreground as an equal, almost like a collaborator. And, as often happens between partners, the working process involves disagreement and disunity, even despair; but at the end, with a successful set of circumstances, a new aesthetic appears that is based largely on negotiation and mutual understanding. The quote from a poem by Pushkin was chosen as the title of the project because it points to the vector of human relations to nature – the monotonous rhythm of despair, winter, spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring, summer, autumn, despair – that remains unchanged. <br/>Curator: Peter Belyi. <br/>Artists: Evgeny Yufit, Vlad Kulkov, Denis Patrakeev, Sergey Denisov, Elena Slobtseva, Sergei Mescheryakov, Vladimir Kustov, Vladimir Yashke, Ivan Karpov. <br/>Supported by Cyland MediaArt Lab.

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Мне время тлеть, тебе цвести

I dreamed about great and pure art.

23-06-2017 / 04-09-2017

Vladimir Kozin is one of the most paradoxical artists of St. Petersburg who reinterprets the world of art history with irony. He is a member of the artistic group The New Stupid, the creator of the Mousetrap Museum of Contemporary Art, and founder of the PARAZIT gallery. <br/>Kozin is known for practically having a patent on the use of materials such as car tires and plywood in contemporary Russian art. The cheap household material that seems unsuitable for creating high art in the traditional sense is the basis of his sculptural compositions, objects, and installations.

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Я мечтал о большом и чистом искусстве

A very artificial choice

20-04-2017 / 10-06-2017

"A Very Artificial Choice" is a new project from Semyon Motolyanets that combines works from several different thematic series created specifically for this exhibition at Marina Gisich Gallery: prehistoric-looking skull objects, paintings that pull you into the space on "the other side" of the canvas, and collages and compositions compiled from fragments of raw materials.

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Очень искусственный выбор

Hyperspace and Anteater

17-02-2017 / 15-04-2017

On February 17 Marina Gisich Gallery presents Ivan Gorshkov's solo exhibition "Hyperspace and the Anteater". The drawings, paintings and objects in this series were created using the artist's signature method of "find and improve": the artist mixes prints, oil paints and stickers, creating a multi-layered tautological collage. Inside, they feature separate digital collages – "photoshop contests". The name of the project refers to the fable "The Dragonfly and the Ant", though it has been changed beyond recognition. It's as if we begin with a story about a grasshopper and an ant, but then the subject changes so drastically that we lose the thread of the narrative. A similar sensation arises from Ivan Gorshkov's exhibition.

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Гиперпрыжок и муравьед

Evidential paradigm

14-12-2016 / 15-02-2017

The association of photography with death and crime appeared almost as soon as the new technology became available – if not physically, then at least as a concept. In his classic essay "The body and the archive," Alan Sekula gives an example of lyrics invented by Londoners after the French government announced Daguerre's invention.

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Уликовая парадигма


20-10-2016 / 10-12-2016

Vika Begalska, Alexander Vilkin. "Rafflesianism".

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Simple art

07-10-2016 / 14-10-2016

At the "Simple art" exhibition you will have a chance to see the works of the following artists: Vladimir Kozin, Yury Nikoforov, Igor Panin, Peter Belyi, Peter Shvetsov, Kerim Ragimov, Alexander Morozov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Semyon Motolyanets, Ivan Tuzov, Ivan Chemakin, Andrey Kabo, Vladimir Lilo, Alexander Terebenin, Sever-7 group, Tatyana Dubovskaya, Sophia Kokhanskaya, Igor Plotnikov, Ilya Zelenetsky, Vladimir Gorokhov, Vera Svetlova, Anna Russova, Alyona Tereshko, Alexander Strokov and others.<br/> Auction will take place on the 14-th of October at 19:00. Please, register at marina.gisich@gmail.com

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Простое искусство

A happy man

13-07-2016 / 01-10-2016

According to Kirill Chelushkin, "A Happy Man" is "a discourse about the brief instances in life when a person experiences happiness in spite of the circumstances. This feeling manifests itself at the most unexpected times. It isn't affected by external and sometimes dismal everyday or emotional circumstances. A person can have these happy moments even during tragic or fateful turns of events. The mind inexplicably fragments reality, so happiness is interpreted as a side effect of something else you are doing or a certain event. It is based on a recipe with unpredictable ingredients, diverse and difficult to analyze, but each variation has to be catalogued. This exhibition proclaims a mock-macabre positive view of hardship described in the language of catastrophic realism – the art of finding everything positive in the absurdities and troubles of life." <br/>The exhibition will feature new graphic works along with several foam plastic bas-reliefs from series “Foreign Lands”.

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Счастливый человек

Time keeping

27-04-2016 / 02-07-2016

Series of media art works by Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov.

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Хранение времени

Vitaly Pushnitsky. Expectation.

19-02-2016 / 16-04-2016

From February 20 Marina Gisich Gallery is presenting the new painting series "Waiting" by Vitaly Pushnitsky.

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Виталий Пушницкий. Ожидание.


14-12-2015 / 15-02-2016

Marina Gisich Gallery announces December 14th as the celebration day of 15th Anniversary of the gallery and launches the group exhibition project titled “Provenance”.

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18-09-2015 / 28-11-2015

Marina Gisich Gallery launches the new season by opening the multimedia project of Marina Alexeeva and Boris Kazakov. <br/>Exhibition consolidates both light installation experiments and vast visual material, which derives from animated films.

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Cosa Mentale

09-07-2015 / 12-09-2015

This work is about the ontology of flow, as in Merleau-Ponty: time is not a line but a network of intentionality, and it tells of the impossibility of experiencing time today as a flow. This is addressed to the living present and the problem of its museification. (Alexander Morozov)

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Cosa Mentale

Big paintings solve big problems

21-05-2015 / 04-07-2015

“The art of Semyon Motolyanets is a conflict. A conflict between the artist’s reflexes and his ratio (“reason”). With a traditional fine arts education behind him, the painter is not able to control himself. He feels the first impulse to create something and unintentionally paints in the way he was taught. The next moment is an involuntary reaction to how it turned out: “God, what a vulgar sunset I’ve made!” The texts are the artist’s voice of reason, encumbered with postmodernist consciousness. What was beautiful in Kant has turned trivial. Traditional painting is not comme il faut. The irony on the subject of generally accepted and well-established rules of the game in the capitalistic art world – "big paintings solve big problems" – looks like a form of protection, of self-identification and to some extent even resistance to evil, but it is also the pursuit of truth, lost in a vast field of illusions”. (Lizaveta Matveeva)

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Большие картины решают большие вопросы


19-03-2015 / 16-05-2015

The modern press, hooked on getting the “newest news,” also demands a constant supply of “fresh blood” (new young artists) from the art world. If it doesn’t find them, it molds them out of whatever is at hand. Understandably, magazine covers should be graced with young and beautiful faces! From this perspective, Ivan Tuzov seems to be a phenomenon. So he was a student of the PRO ARTE institute, and he drew funny comics that he published in the internet. Other than his close group of friends, no one had heard of him, until suddenly he had project upon project in major galleries, a series of publications in various journals, and endless “creative meetings” with fans. That’s how it happens sometimes – something just clicks, and all the long and tedious invisible work that the artist spent so many years on suddenly falls into place in the “puzzle”.

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Chrystal boots

29-01-2015 / 14-03-2015

Crystal Boots is a project by Ivan Gorshkov that unites the key themes and motifs of the artist’s work over the last two years. The paintings and sculptures on exhibit are pulled together into one vague subject, a single scene. In the words of the artist, “the characters in this story found themselves in a strange situation, in the middle of some unsolvable equation”. The artist is trying to understand just what has happened to them: Crystal Boots is a project by Ivan Gorshkov that unites the key themes and motifs of the artist’s work over the last two years. The paintings and sculptures on exhibit are pulled together into one vague subject, a single scene. In the words of the artist, “the characters in this story found themselves in a strange situation, in the middle of some unsolvable equation”. The artist is trying to understand just what has happened to them.

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Хрустальные сапоги


30-10-2014 / 27-12-2014

The project of artist Tim Parschikov includes architectural photographs of Magnitogorsk — the city of the postindustrial era, shown by the author as a city of post-apocalypse.

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Allergy to dust

04-09-2014 / 26-10-2014

Marina Gisich Gallery opens the new season with the exhibition by Tanya Akhmetgalieva “Allergy to dust”. The first part of the project was recently at the display at the exhibition “Contemporary drawing” in the State Russian Museum. The artist has overcome the “applied arts” nature of the education she has received and made the traditional materials and traditional technique speak the language of contemporary art. T. Akhmetgalieva started quite successfully, since she has managed to refresh the media arsenal of contemporary art. The recent years Tanya Akhmetgalieva made her career mostly with the European galleries and institutions. “Allergy to dust” is the first solo project of the artist with the Russian gallery; the exhibition will present the new video works and textile compositions made in recognizable embroidery technique.

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Аллергия на пыль

Human project

30-05-2014 / 31-08-2014

Retrospective show by Kerim Ragimov will present works of the artist from Huamn Project series, on which he has been working last 20 years. This project starting from 1-st episode till the last 48-th will be reconstructed in common and private living space of the house, located on Fontanka emb. 121 On the exposition one can see the works from museum and private collections and also the reproductions of the missing episodes. Unusual way of presenting contemporary art will unveil and show the change of the leaving space and the change of inner relations of people leaving there.

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Человеческий проект

Crystallizations. Contemporary art from St. Petersburg

13-06-2014 / 18-08-2014

Common project of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art (Turku, Finland) and Marina Gisich Gallery. Artists: Marina Alexeeva, Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Peter Belyi, Anna and Alexey Gan, Dmitry Gretsky and Evgeniya Katz, Anna Zholud, Nadya Zubareva, Vladimir Kustov, Gregori Maiofis, Igor Pestov, Vitaly Pushnitsky, Kerim Ragimov, Kirill Chelushkin, Evgeniy Yufit

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Кристаллизации. Современное искусство из Петербурга.

Venice Salvation

24-04-2014 / 25-05-2014

В апреле Галерея Марины Гисич превратится в пространство для воплощения утопических идей. Арт-группа PARAZIT под кураторством Керима Рагимова планирует операцию по спасению Венеции от великого потопа, способного погрузить город купцов, мостов, романтики и искусства в состояние затерянной Атлантиды.

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Спасение Венеции


26-02-2014 / 20-04-2014

The 64+ project presents a study of visual images of natural forces – the four formative elements of our nature. The 4 elements and 4 states of matter, when cubed, result in 64 – the ultra-perfect number in mathematics, which in turn has a sum of one – the symbol of primal unity and the beginning of all things.

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Terracotta worriers

23-01-2014 / 19-02-2014

Marina Gisich Gallery is pleased to present Dmitry Gretskys' project (in co-authorship with Evgenia Katz). The painting series “Terracotta worriers” was firstly opend for public in 2011 year.

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Terracotta worriers


04-12-2013 / 20-01-2014

“Channel” is the seventh personal show of Peter Belyi at Marina Gisich Gallery. This total installation is a logical and metaphorical continuation of his other work “Source”, which has been shown during the 5-th Moscow Biennale in the main project.

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Postponed matters

05-09-2013 / 11-11-2013

From September 5 to November 20, 2013, the Marina Gisich Gallery is glad to present Vitaliy Pushnitsky’s project Postponed Matters. <br/> The name that the artist has chosen for the project’s title urges us to recall the English grammatical form Present Continuous Tense, which is often noted in translations to Russian to show that an action is being performed at the present moment or time of speech, since the Russian language doesn’t have a similar grammatical construction. But this sense of continuation is important for Pushnizkiy, because he is using it to return once again to his series of large painting projects, which discuss the current life of classical painting as such.

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Отложенные дела


18-07-2013 / 08-09-2013

Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and Marina Gisich Gallery present the exhibition by Gregory Maiofis – “Bestiary”, which reveals the artist’s appealing to the images of beasts.

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25-07-2013 / 31-08-2013

Valeria Nibiru project - multidimentional installation, that turns gallery space into the one biological frame and visualises in objects made of textile, graphics, watercolor and oil.

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Incorporeal reality

13-06-2013 / 20-07-2013

In conjunction with the Tel Aviv Culture Days in Saint Petersburg, Marina Gisich Gallery presents a project by two Israeli artists, Yael Balaban and Noa Yekutieli, from June 13 to July 20, 2013. The exhibit “Incorporeal Reality” develops the idea of interpenetration of feelings and bodies, dancing and flying figures, conscious and subconscious. The narrow graphic line at the aesthetic root of both of these artists draws us into the realm of meanings that exist only in the depths of the mind.

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Бестелесная Реальность

12 sounds of the human body

16-04-2013 / 08-06-2013

Marina Gisich Gallery is glad to present the first personal project of the St. Petersburg artist Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai. Exhibition featuring new series of kinetic installations, that were firstly opened to the public at the Art Paris Art Fair.

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12 звуков тела человека


21-02-2013 / 15-04-2013

Tenderness or shreds of the juicy meat stuck in the mincer screw. The two-meter screw is hovering in the darkness as the giant space ship from fantastic action movie. The artist paints in fine details the marble veins, twisted tendons and the moon shine of the steel. Tenderness means Hiroshima.

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Places. 1

07-11-2012 / 13-01-2013

The ensemble presented at the exhibition is called “Places. 1”. The title reflects precisely the fact that behind the paintings stay the impressions-imaginations concerning some places, more or less concrete. At the same time the painting pieces appear here to be inherently the pictures (images, illusions) of some places, not the independent “places” and “material individualities”.

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Места. 1


12-09-2012 / 31-10-2012

The Marina Gisich Gallery is opening the new season with a project by the maestros of Petersburg’s art scene, Elena Gubanova and Ivan Govorkov. Refined drawings on canvas start a conversation about classics using modern language.

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06-06-2012 / 15-07-2012

The name of Marina Alexeeva’s exhibit “Liveboxes” can be understood as “living boxes”. It also plays on the word “lightbox”, keeping the “light” aspect, as something alive that is burning and bright. The adjective “live” is normally used for real-time transmissions of shows, and of course, for what is vital and connected to life. These are the types of many-faceted works Marina Alexeeva creates.

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27-04-2012 / 26-05-2012

In the end of April, the Marina Gisich Gallery opens a Dmitry Gretsky exhibit called “Border State”. The six monumental photo-realistic canvases in this new series of paintings tell several family stories.

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Пограничное состояние

A cargo culture view

01-03-2012 / 20-04-2012

The Marina Gisich Gallery has been showing a succession of modern graphic art: Petr Beliy’s etchings, Valeriya Matveeva-Nibiru’s watercolors, and Kirill Chelushkin’s large-scale drawings.

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Карго-культурное обозрение

One good thing

20-01-2012 / 25-02-2012


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Одна хорошая вещь


17-11-2011 / 10-01-2012

“Rendering is a term used in computer graphics for the process of generating an image from a model. The object of the image may be any scene or thing. A typical example of rendering is radar images obtained by radar scanning of cosmic objects. In computer graphics, rendering is commonly understood as the creation of a 2D image based on a 3D model. A renderer is a computer program that produces the final visualization.”

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War without cause

14-09-2011 / 01-11-2011

Text: Canvas, Paintbrush and Conscience

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Война без особых причин

Working materials

27-04-2011 / 25-05-2011

Peter Belyi's aesthetic exploration is distinguished by the depth and freedom of his critical vision. He is interested in the intersection of civilised problematics, the history of art and contemporary cultural reception. The independence and scope of his viewpoint is derived from his attitude towards the present as a future cultural layer, the cultivated waste products of civilisation. The present, from this perspective, is represented by the totality of what is left over. Rubbish is reevaluated for its significance as a cultural footprint.

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Рабочие материалы


20-01-2011 / 01-03-2011

On January 20, 2011, the Marina Gisich Gallery is pleased to announce "Exit", a solo exhibition of the artist Vitaly Pushnitsky presenting his new paintings and sculptures. This project represents a sort of art criticism experiment by the contemporary artist with an ironic view of the present.

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It’s only castles burning

02-12-2010 / 15-01-2011

Marina Gisich Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of photographer Max Snow in Saint-Petersburg.

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Только крепости горят


14-09-2010 / 27-11-2010

A circus elephant and a ballerina, a bear and a gymnast, are ironically and elegantly frozen in a moment of time in the photographs of Gregori Maiofis; frozen in a very vague gap between the past and the present, which leads into the labyrinth of consciousness through a Soviet childhood and classics of world literature.

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26-05-2010 / 15-07-2010

For his new series of paintings, Kirill Chelushkin has taken the most banal “archetypes” of pornography and attempted to transform them into true art.

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Проект «242»


06-04-2010 / 15-05-2010

I created my first works for the “Schema of Space” series on the territory of the Leningrad shipyard port. The time spent there was not in vain – with time, the aesthetics and particular flavor of that context found their way into further works of mine. The industrial environment, which I preferred over the artistic community, has influenced me and left its mark on the practical part of my work.

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"Evgeny Yufit"

25-02-2010 / 26-03-2010

Yufit is one of the most radical artists who maintains an unwavering stance. He began his creative path with staged photography and film. The photographs resembled film auditions. Actors appeared in them in zombie makeup invented by Yufit (the mouth packed with cotton balls, the face smeared with imitation blood). His short films were like photographs broken out of their chains. Their heroes tore through forests at break-neck speed, imitated fights on railroad tracks, and beat up a mannequin in a courtyard passageway. All of this unbridled psychopathology was a contrast to the pathos shots from Soviet cinema.

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"Евгений Юфит"

Sisters in Mind

20-01-2010 / 25-02-2010

The art of Valeriya Matveeva-Nibiru stands out for both its delicacy and ferocity. Visitors to the artist’s site are greeted by her favorite heroine - a magical little girl, like a phantom spider’s web, woven of white lines on a coal-black background. The girl is being pulled in by claws and tentacles to a monster that has arisen from those depths of the subconscious that can only be compared to the Mariana Trench, a type of crab-stingray-octopus combination.

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Sisters in Mind

ZOO PHILIA (greec)

11-11-2009 / 20-01-2010

Photographs of animals are on display in this exhibition. At first glance, they seem to be photographs of live birds and beasts. But upon closer inspection, you begin to notice the glass eyes that resemble doll eyes, the tags on their feet, and the pedestals they are standing on. Animalism is one of the most ancient genres in art – it refers all the way back to rock paintings – but it is not as simple as it might appear. Its cultural-historical and aesthetic treatments are inexhaustible: naturalism, anthropomorphism and symbolism, as well as mythological, allegorical, and decorative interpretations. However, it’s difficult to call Nadezhda Kuznetsova’s exhibition “100% ORGANIC” animalistic. The project represents the intersection of several complex conceptual planes. We will attempt to understand them.

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ZOO PHILIA (греч.)

Inside - Outside

09-09-2009 / 30-10-2009

With its exhibition "FROM INSIDE - FROM OUTSIDE" the famous family/creative union of Marina Aleksejeva and Boris Kazakov defines the model of the world – of "the house where we live". The old "Moebius" model of the Soviet cynic Oleg Grigorjev "in a cage like on a branch" has gone. And we exist in the artistic world, with its dual opposition of "external-internal", where the first one has started to prevail against the second one so much that it has transformed into a neutral, uninteresting surface.

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Изнутри - снаружи


02-07-2009 / 02-09-2009

Andrey Gorbunov is interested in the anatomy of a human body since he considers it as a possibility to deal with the most essential problems of being. He believes that the truth can be found exactly here, in discovery of its concealed mechanics from one hand and physics from the other hand – in discovery of the hidden seamy side of secret impulses in mental life. Gorbunov’s painting, as in classical times of the art of absolute challenges, searches for impossible. Anyway, we see considerable seriousness and scale – large scale canvases with painting which together comprise extensive picture or fresco – exactly so the artist arranges almost each of his exhibitions implementing his idea in space. In the basis of the project lies pursuit to discover the concealed nature of the wish, leaving the social individual that we, according to the artist’s opinion, mostly represent nowadays and concentrating on the biological individual whose essence can’t be shown today.

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22-05-2009 / 30-06-2009

Crystallization - an exhibition of a St. Petersburg contemporary artist Vladimir Kustov - is the artistic exploration of the transition process that begins when a critical condition is reached. For liquids such critical conditions for crystallization are cooling temperatures and supersaturation. For humans, it is death.

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29-01-2009 / 20-04-2009


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The library of Pinocchio

28-05-2008 / 30-06-2008

Curated by Olesia Turkina

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Библиотека Пиноккио

Residence Permint

11-04-2008 / 20-05-2008


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Виды на жительство

Birth Date

06-02-2008 / 09-04-2008

What is a date of birth? A bureaucratic formality, a line in your passport? Or is it an event, something that marks the individual’s coming into the world, a point in the flow of time when a new existence begins? How should we identify an artist’s date of birth: by the day, month, and year when he was “really” born, or by the moment when he was granted a new artistic vision?

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Дата рождения

A song for Francesca

27-09-2007 / 30-11-2007


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Песня для Франчески

Hopscitch’s game

26-04-2007 / 20-05-2007


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Игра в классики

Dual Personality

22-03-2007 / 20-04-2007


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Раздвоение личности

Memorial Modeling

19-02-2007 / 01-04-2007


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Мемориальное макетирование

Recent Works

23-11-2006 / 20-01-2007


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Recent Works

Retrospective. Painting. 1987-2006.

28-09-2006 / 20-11-2006

This exhibition of Vladimir Kustov with which Marina Gisich gallery has opened its new season, deserves to be exhibited in a more prominent, high status space such as the State Russian Museum, which could have benefited greatly from showing it. Nowadays it is unlikely to find an exponent like him whose intense paintings would be as captivating today as twenty years ago. The exhibition presents more than twenty large scale paintings created from 1987 through the present day.

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Ретроспектива. Живопись. 1987-2006.

Circle 2

16-02-2006 / 30-03-2006


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Круг 2