He called me a "potato"!

27-01-2018 / 30-03-2018

On January 27, Marina Gisich Gallery opens an exhibition of Gregori Maiofis' newest graphic works that the artist has been working on for the last year and a half. As before, Maiofis demonstrates skillful mastery of vintage photo printing techniques and witty subjects, with the spirit of a fable commenting on the values of modern society. The series "Proverbs" and "Taste for the Russian Ballet", which have long been the artist's calling card, were published in separate albums. Over the last 6 to 8 years, Maiofis' work was most often featured in museum exhibitions or at contemporary art fairs in Europe, the US, and Russia, rather than at gallery exhibitions. "He called me a potato!" is a project that definitively opens a new page in the artist's work.

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Он назвал меня картофелиной!