Solothurn, Switzerland

11.01.2020 - 09.02.2020

We cordially invite you to the exhibition “Heart Surgery” by Tanya Akhmrtgalieva in Solothurn (Switzerland).

Once, we woke up in a magical garden of oblivion. Who were we and where were we going? Phantoms and shadows dancing among the trees move slowly and selflessly. Discharges of electricity divide the air into parts and get imprinted on the retina for a long time. A dazzling cloud envelops, penetrates and erases a painful memory. We are lost again and again in this labyrinth, but we find reasons for new meetings.

Continue your movement towards the light. Don’t worry if it’s just an artificial ray …

A series of drawings and videos Heart Surgery was created specifically for the exhibition at Haus Der Kunst Sankt Josef. This story is about illusions, ephemerality and a sense of infinite uncertainty. One day, our whole life turns into a ghostly rave party. The movement in a circle, bright colors and flashes of light make us forget and again believe in the impossible things.

Fragments for the work have been collected over the past three years in Russia and Switzerland.

Audio-visual work “A Radiant Cloud” was created in collaboration with Dima Anikin (music).