February 04 - March 03, 2017

Solo show by Vitaly Pushnitsky TRIBUTE, organized together with Marina Gisich Gallery, opens at art school Masters. All of these new works are united by the theme of tribute and homage.

Vitaly Pushnitsky was inspired by classical art, which is also studied at the school. This fact became the starting point of the whole series TRIBUTE. Artist interprets the themes of classical European art of painting, among them are death, creativeness and art. Also Pushnitsky creates homages to particular artists and their works: “Snow storm” by William Turner, surrealistic trickeries by Rene Magritte and symbolic paintings by Odilon Redon. Postmodernism character of the exhibited works links to the educational mission of the art school. World artistic heritage becomes the subject of research and analysis in both cases – artworks of Pushnitsky and work of Masters.