Simple art

October 07-14, 2016

Parazit art group appeared in 2000 from “fragments” of The New Blockheads artistic group. The group at once “settled” in the walk-through hall in the state gallery “Borey” and became the exceptional phenomenon of artistic life of St. Petersburg.

During 15 years of its activity the group has organized more than 500 exhibitions, with participants over 130 artists. High-speed exhibition rhythm – 2 exhibitions a week – makes the participants of the group to stay tuned and sustains their artistic energy. A chance to display fresh ideas in experimental context also stimulates the “big” individual art.

The PARAZIT’s 15-year exhibition experience is systemized in the book “PARAZIT. SIMPLE ART”, which now needs funds to be published. The participants of the group and other artists supporting them donate their best artworks to make this happen.

The auction will present works by artists: Vladimir Kozin, Yury Nikoforov, Igor Panin, Peter Belyi, Peter Shvetsov, Kerim Ragimov, Alexander Morozov, Alexander Shishkin-Hokusai, Semyon Motolyanets, Ivan Tuzov, Ivan Chemakin, Andrey Kabo, Vladimir Lilo, Alexander Terebenin, Sever-7 group, Tatyana Dubovskaya, Sophia Kokhanskaya, Igor Plotnikov, Ilya Zelenetsky, Vladimir Gorokhov, Vera Svetlova, Anna Russova, Alyona Tereshko, Alexander Strokov and others.

Curator and auctioneer: Pavel Ulyanov (Modernariat Auctions).