Retrospective of New Blockheads (1996-2002). Kunsthalle, Zürich

The retrospective exhibition of one of the most unique Brotherhood of New Blockheads from Saint-Petersburg is on display at Zürich Kunsthalle from the 15th of February till the 26th of May.

The Brotherhood appeared at the group`s ‘parent’ gallery Borey in 1996. The artists(Igor Panin, Vadim Flyagin, Inga Nagel, Vladimir Kozin, Sergey Spirikhin, Maxim Rayskin, Oleg Khvostov, Alexander Lyashko) were united not by a common style but their desire to abjure of conventions. At first glance, the actions and art works appear pointless, irrelevant and hopeless. But they say so much with so little. Inspired by modern philosophy the members of the Brotherhood reflected their epoch. Their credo is spontaniety, life is performance, and absurd. Artists refuse of prescribed roles, they are timeless and beyond borders. The members of their group subdue their art to their own ideals.

Artists had been following the ascetic way during 6 years, combining humor and tragedy,  exaggeration and modesty.  The result of their prolific work is more than 70 performances, but some of them have no tangible evidences.

The Brotherhood broke up over the 15 years. This retrospective is attempt to create performance into a palpable form and possibility of interpretation.

The exhibition includes artworks of Vladimir Kozin.

Curator: Peter Belyi