July 02 - September 02, 2009

Andrey Gorbunov is interested in the anatomy of a human body since he considers it as a possibility to deal with the most essential problems of being. He believes that the truth can be found exactly here, in discovery of its concealed mechanics from one hand and physics from the other hand – in discovery of the hidden seamy side of secret impulses in mental life. Gorbunov’s painting, as in classical times of the art of absolute challenges, searches for impossible. Anyway, we see considerable seriousness and scale – large scale canvases with painting which together comprise extensive picture or fresco – exactly so the artist arranges almost each of his exhibitions implementing his idea in space. In the basis of the project lies pursuit to discover the concealed nature of the wish, leaving the social individual that we, according to the artist’s opinion, mostly represent nowadays and concentrating on the biological individual whose essence can’t be shown today.

«PINK DESIRES», Andrey thinks, are the wishes of our flesh that are «delicately» covered by the norms of the social morals. In our life physiology is sidelined not due to the heightened spirituality, but due to disguise of the real reasons. The series of pictures is an attempt to take this outer skin off and to expose the pink flesh of true wishes.

We see bodies exposed to the cold, passionlessly stripping light, like a surgeon’s scalpel in dissecting room. If this is the life of flesh – then it is life after the death when inquisitive anatomist dissects the body every time trying to solve his own private problems but not in the least due to the pursuit to open the secret of making the whole unit animated. No, rather the mechanism of local drives and gears, like details of a big machine. Fragmentation – the artist’s favourite method – is essential for perception of a body as inanimate object of desire, as a sui generis still life. However, in spite of all physiology of painting reminding medical anatomical atlas, the depicted specimens are not at all the «meat» – we can see the fancy about dead and alive, vacuousness and alienation as the back side of desire and passion.

These fancies are undisguised, almost central motive here is the motive of copulation, when different, often almost abstract or sterile, forms making joints and penetrations are depicted. As a result we have extensive, without the beginning and the end, «surrealistic landscape» with masterly made biomorphic formations flowing one into another, bundles of veins and bunches of tendons, folds of tissue and joints, where linkages, disjunctions, overlappings form a monotonous succession of images. In this grey-and-pink monotony with dismal downfalls into the darkness of the black any desire disappears, and we are witnessing its consecutive decay. Perhaps, exactly this truth the artist wanted to open to us.