June 27, 2018 – September 2, 2018

In the mid-1990s, Kerim Ragimov started working on a series of projects in which the mass-media imagination is presented using the methods of painting. The artist literally copies on to canvas the images he has found in newspapers and magazines, preserving the composition and color palette of the “original”. Kerim Ragimov finds a special heroism in his painting technique, and calls his style nearly photorealistic, which for him means an orientation toward a reproducible image. Because of his use of printed originals, Ragimov’s painting is often compared with the photorealism tradition. But in contrast to photorealism, the artist concentrates not so much on the optical authenticity of the depiction, as on the media quality of the image. In 1994, Kerim Ragimov began his Human Project. The artist presents anonymous group portraits in paintings and drawings made from “printed” originals. He meticulously reproduces a scene he has found on the pages of mass media. The heroes of the Human Project are connected by a specific emotional state – pain, joy, anger, or pride. Kerim Ragimov asks what humanism is in the age of mass media, when events do not exist but are created, when history does not have a priori credibility but is constructed before our eyes using mass media. (Text: Olesya Turkina)

The exhibition is held in the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.