Human project

May 30 - August 31, 2014

Marina Gisich Gallery is opening a retrospective show of Kerim Ragimov “Human Project. 1994-2014” in the end of May. Artist has been working on the series of the same name as a show for last twenty years. Project is included in the official parallel program of Manifesta 10 Biennial.

Marina Gisich Gallery was opened in 2000, by this time «Human Project” had been excising already for 6 years. Further on the development of series and gallery went together. Celebrating the anniversary gallery decided to reconstruct all series not only inside of the first and second floor of the gallery, but also inside the private apartments of the people, leaving in the house on Fontanka 121, who witnessed gallery and artist’s life for last 14 years.

«Kerim Ragimov does not consider his canvases to be independent works in their own right. He conceives his work in terms of conglomerations – series, cycles, projects, which, at times, is evident in the process of their formation. Thus, his “Human Project”, which was started in 1994 remains unfinished to this day and continues to have new works added to it. The artist defines this project as a work in progress, i.e. as a work that stands on its own in terms of the sum parts of those works that have already been completed and those that are yet to be created».
Viktor Misiano,
theorist of contemporary art, curator,

Today “Human project” consists of 48 episodes; some of them are in private, some in public and museum collections. Those works, which won’t be able to take part in the exhibition, will be replaced by their reproductions. This way exhibiting art works inside of the space, which is unsuitable and sometimes even hostile towards art, due to the “experiment” the viewer will have chance to see how Human Project will change not only the space around, but also the relationships inside of these spaces. Moreover the visitors will have a chance to experience different sides of social and cultural life of Saint Petersburg.

Kerim Ragimov graduated from Leningrad Art College named after V. Serov.
In 2004 presented Russia at Shanghai Biennial with “Human project” series. In 2007 was enlisted in 100 Contemporary Artists – Ice Cream by Phaidon. Works and lives in St. Petersburg.

Works have been included in permanent collections of Novy Museum (St. Petersburg), Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina” (Moscow), MuHKA Museum (Antwerpen), Mudima Foundation (Milano), Sirius Foundation (Italy), Beyaz Muzayede Auction House (Istanbul).