Born in Rauma, Finland, 1952

Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

Jarmo Mäkilä is known for his versatility and ability to evolve his artistic expression. He combines historical and contemporary elements together with rich, baroque-like expression. The starting point is autobiographical: the themes usually revolve around the journey from childhood to adulthood and the acceptance of the past. Currently, his expressive work has been freed and solidified, as his boy-series have travelled ever further into the three-dimensional world in the form of sculptures and installations. Within the forest scenery, finely detailed drawing combines with expressive painting, while the interiors, respectively, contain photo-like quality refinement and clear composition displaying scenes of stage play.

The political movements and radical atmosphere of the late 1960s and early 1970s were reflected in Mäkiläs early work. He painted in dark shades employing a realistic approach, and his subject matter featured working class themes. Later influences on Mäkilä’s expression included art history, comics, and images from the rock-n-roll and film industries. Particularly in the 1980s, Mäkilä’s topics were generated from popular culture and the phenomenon of consumer society. His ability to couple images from the media with mythological themes made him one of the most significant postmodern artists in Finland.

In recent years of his 40-year artistic career, Mäkilä has been internationally active. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs worldwide. He studied at the University of Helsinki’s School of Art and Design, and in the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Mäkilä was awarded the Pro Finlandia-medal in 2002 and a Carnegie Art Award nominee in 2011. Mäkilä’s artworks have been collected by all major art museums in Finland, as well as by foundations, institutions and private collections around the world.



1970-73 – The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

1970-71 – The University of Art and Design



  • Aine Art Museum, Tornio, Finland
  • Alko Collection, Finland
  • Altia Group art Collection, Finland
  • Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland
  • Artmuseum of Tampere, Finland
  • Aune Jääskeläinen art collection, artmuseum of Tuusula, Finland
  • City of Kuusankoski art collection, Finland
  • City of Rovaniemi art collection, Finland
  • City of Seinäjoki art collection, Finland
  • City of Turku Art Colletion, Finaland
  • City of Vaasa art collection, Finland
  • Eevi and Jalmari Karhula Foundation, Rauma art museum, Finland
  • EMMA contemporary Art Museum of Espoo, Finland
  • Eläkesysteemi Collection, Finland
  • Finland State art collection
  • Finnish National Gallery Ateneum, Finland
  • Fortum Foundation, Finland
  • HAM Helsinki Art Museum, Finland
  • Heino art collection, Finland
  • Johan König collection, Sweden
  • Järvenpää art museum, Finland
  • Kerava Art Museum, Finland
  • Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland
  • Kuopio art musem, Finland
  • Lars Swanljung art collection, Finland
  • LähiTapiola, Finland
  • Merita art Foundation, Finland
  • Mikkeli Art Museum, Finland
  • Nelimarkka foundation, Finland
  • Nordic collection of Helsinki, Finland
  • Nordea art collection, Finland
  • OKO art collection, Finland
  • Oulu City Art Museum, Finland
  • Paulo Foundation, Finland
  • Pekka Halonen Collection, finland
  • Pori Art Museum, Finland
  • Poikilo Kouvola Art museum, Finland
  • Pushkin Museum, Russia
  • Rauma Art Museum, Finland
  • RKF Collection, Finland
  • Rovaniemi city Art museum, Finland
  • Saastamoinen Foundation, Finland
  • Salo art museum, Finland
  • Salvador Allende Museum, Chile
  • Sara Hilden Art museum, Tampere, finland
  • Seurakuntayhtymä of Helsinki, Finland
  • Teresia and Rafael Lönnström Foundation, Finland
  • Tieto Esy oy, Helsinki, Finland
  • Turku city Art Museum, Finland
  • Vantaa Art Museum, Finland
  • Wihuri Foundation, Finland
  • Wäinö Aaltonen Museum, Turku, Finland



2018 – Rauma city Medal

2018 – Hämeenlinna city Asema aukio open Art Competition 2. Award

2016 – Helsinki city Frederikan Terassi open Art Competition 3. Award

2016 – Helsinki city Kalasatama open Art Competition 2. Award

2012 – Carnagie Art awards nomination
2002 – Pro Finlandia

1998 – Vuoden kultahuippu, the best illustration and graphic design

1985 – Kuopio Music Centre, the wall painting competition

1985 – Biennale Balticum Award, Rauma

1983 – Finnish Artists’ Association Award

1981 – Helsinki city wall painting competition honorary Award

1977 – Gulf of Bothnia biennale medal

1974 – Pablo Neruda –competition Honorary Award

1973 – Finnish Art Society ducat award



2017 – Retrospective, Sara Hilden Artmuseum, Tampere, Finland

2017 – Unheimliche, Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany

2015 – Mirror Neuron, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

2014 – LUX Art Institute, San Diego, USA

2013 – Masculine ventriloquism, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

2013 – Market Art fair, Galerie Forsblom, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 – Pori art museum, Pori, Finland

2012 – Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany

2011 – Galerie Favardin & De Verneuil, Paris, France

2011 – Gallerie Koivulinna, Pukkila, Finland

2010 – Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany

2010 – Galleria Heino, Helsinki, Finland

2010 – Galerie Michael Schultz, Seoul, South Korea

2009 – Salo Art Museum, Salo, Finland

2009 – Galleria Pictor, Nummela, Finland

2008 – Helsinki City art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2008 – Galleria Orton, Helsinki, Finland

2007 – Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

2005 – Seinäjoki Art Hall, Seinäjoki, Finland

2004 – Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

2004 – Galleria Mälkki, Tampere, Finland

2004 – Rauma Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

2004 – Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden

2003 – Gallery Eve Pinomaa, Hanko, Finland

2002 – Amos Anderson Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

1999 – Varkaus Art Museum, Varkaus, Finland

1999 – Pukkila Art house, Pukkila, Finland

1998 – Aavekaupunki, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland

1995 – Cathedral crypt, Helsinki, Finland

1994 – Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

1992 – Poleeni, Pieksämäki, Finland

1992 – Frank Bustamante Gallery, New York, USA

1991 – Galerie Grafiart, Turku, Finland

1990 – Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

1982 – Galerie of artist union, Moscow, Soviet Union

1982 – Modern art museum, Odessa, Soviet Union

1970s-80s – Numerous solo exhibitions in Finland



2017 – Surf, Galerie Hartwich, Rugen Germany

2017 – Finnish Artists, Samuelis Baumgarte Gallery, Bilefelt, Germany

2017 –  Finnish artists, Triumph Gallery, Moscov, Russia

2016 – Snakeville, Haugart artmuseum, Tonsberg, Norway

2016 – Love Heino, HAM, Helsingin kaupungin taidemuseo, Helsinki, Finland

2015 – Dark Days, Bright Nights, Kemper museum, Kansas City, USA

2014-2018 – Touch, EMMA, Espoon modernin taiteen museo, Espoo Finland

2014-2015 – Our Street, Vantaan taidemuseo, Vantaa, Finland

2014 – Keramiikka tilassa, Taideteollisuusmuseo, Helsinki, Finland

2014 – The Big Pictures, amos Anderssons art museum, Helsinki, Finland

2014 – Processen, Avesta Art, Avesta, Sweden

2014 –  Now you see, Rox Gallery, New York, USA

2014 – Drawing in the flesh, Vantaa taidemuseo, Vantaa, Finland

2013 – A Sense of Time – the Story of OMA’s collection, Oulu Museum of Art, OMA, Oulu, Finland

2013 – Nordic Art Trienal, Eskilstuna, Sweden

2013 –  Pearls, Sara Hilden Art Museum, Tampere, Finland

2013 – Sweet n’ Rotten, The shared world of Jarmo Mäkilä and Rauha Mäkilä, Kerava Art Museum, Kerava, Finland

2013 – Drawing in the flesh, Art Museum of Vantaa, Vantaa, Finland

2012 – Carnagie art award: The Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway; The Royal Academy of fine arts, Stockholm, Sweden

2012 –  Amos Andersons Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

2012 – Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark

2012 – Biennale Balticum, Art museum of Rauma, Finland

2012 –  Op-Pop- Post, art museum of Pori, Finland

2011 – Isä ja äiti, Mäntän kuvataideviikot, Mänttä, Finland

2011 – Kesä – Sommar – Summer 2011, Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

2011 – Le Mal de Montano, Galerie Favardin & De Verneuil, Paris, France

2011 – Art and Comics, Art museum of Tuusula, Finland

2011 – Collections, Sara Hilden art museum, Tampere, Finland

2009 – 2010 – Tulokulmia Itä-saksaan, Aboa Vetus &Ars Nova, Turku , Finland

2007 – Time of animals, Finnish National gallery Ateneum, Helsinki, Finland

2007 – I want to be a dog, art museum of Rauma, Finland

2007 – Art from 70s, Lönström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland</p> <p>2007­ – Collections of Fortum Foundation, Arthall, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>2005 – Strangers in Paradise, Heikkilä – Mäkilä – Tuominen, Artmuseum of Kuopio, Kuopio, Finland</p> <p>2002 &#8211; 2003 – <em>Popcorn and politics</em> – <em>Activists of Art, </em>Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>2001 – Dream, Swanljung collections, Tikanojan taidekoti, Vaasa, Finland</p> <p>2000 – Nordic Postmodernism, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1999-2000 – <em>The Painting</em>, Painters Union 70-year anniversary exhibition, Finland</p> <p>1999 – International art, Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland</p> <p>1997 – <em>Suomi – kuva</em>, art Villa Wegelius, Ikaalinen, Finland</p> <p>1997 – <em>Smart Show goes to sea</em>, Helsinki – Stockholm, Finland &#8211; sweden</p> <p>1994 – Finnish art Triennial of Helsinki &#8211; St Petersburg (Finnish Artists&#8217; Association), Finland &#8211; Russia</p> <p>1993 – <em>Kaikista lapsuuden huoneista</em>, Oulu City Art Museum, Finland</p> <p>1992 – <em>Art</em>, Frank Bustamante Gallery, New York, USA</p> <p>1991 – Galerie Pelin 10-year anniversary exhibition, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1991 – Contemporary Finnish Art, St Petersburg, Soviet Union</p> <p>1990 – <em>Valo-kuva</em>, Finnish Printmakers Exhibition, finland</p> <p>1989 – <em>Synty ja kuolema</em>, Tampere Art Museum, Finland</p> <p>1988 – <em>Kuuntelu</em>, Finnish Painters&#8217; Union exhibition, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1988 – Finnish contemporary art exhibition, Havana, Cuba</p> <p>1985 – <em>Taiteilijaa tapaamassa</em>, the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts touring exhipition, Finland</p> <p>1985 – Biennale Balticum, Rauma, Finland</p> <p>1984 – &#8220;Nordic picture &#8216;- touring exhibition, DDR</p> <p>1981 – <em>Young artists</em>, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1981 – Finnish contemporary art exhibition, Moscow, Soviet Union</p> <p>1981 – Cagnes-sur-Mer, an international painting exhibition, France</p> <p>1979 – Kantaryhmä &#8211; Group Exhibition, Tampere, Finland</p> <p>1979 – Finnish Painters&#8217; Union 50th anniversary exhibition, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1978 – <em>78-realist</em> – exhibition, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1977-78 – <em>Finsk bild</em> – exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden</p> <p>1977 – Biennale Balticum, Rauma, Finland</p> <p>1974 – Finnish Fine Arts Association exhibition, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1974-87 – Finnish Artists exhibitions, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>1970-84 – Young Artists Exhibitions, Helsinki, Finland</p> <p>70s- 90`s – numerous group exbitions in finland